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    Purchase and Sales Assistance

    French Property Purchase AssistancePurchase Assistance

    Perhaps you500彩票在线快三平台've found a property on you500彩票在线快三平台r own or through another source. We can also assist you500彩票在线快三平台 in the purchase process. Our Purchase Assistance Package, includes assistance securing a mortgage, representation at meetings with the Notaire in signing the Promesse or Compromis de Vente, confirmation that all the necessary diagnostics have been performed on the property, confirmation that the surface (in square meters) has been certified by a third party and provision of contacts regarding placement of property insurance necessary for the final signature. We can also assist in providing a Notaire to administer the transaction on you500彩票在线快三平台r behalf. 


     French Property Sales AssistanceSales Assistance

    Perhaps you500彩票在线快三平台 already own a property in Paris or France and wish to sell it. Our Sales Assistance Package, includes preparing the property for sale by providing you500彩票在线快三平台 with a proper estimate/appraisal to price the property properly, listing it with an agent (or more than one), obtaining the diagnostic certificates, liaising with the Notaire, reviewing the Promessse de Vente and Acte de Vente, signing on these documents in you500彩票在线快三平台r absence with power of attorney upon request, etc.

    Please contact our office at info@500彩票在线快三平台 for our fee schedule.